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Download Two Songs From Elmo's Latest Album, "Age of Heroes"!

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Why should you download? Well, firstly it's free. So you have absolutely nothing to lose by checking if Elmo's any good. Secondly, judging by the reviews the music has been getting, it's very good. Just have a look in the reviews section. Third, it will make you feel the music. Have a look at what the fans are saying. There would be a money back guarantee, except you don't need any money to download. If you're still uncertain you can even listen to a couple of tracks here. Thirdly, this offer won't be here for long, so hurry up while you still can. So just fill in your info on the right and click "Download".

Elmo is the Finnish guitar shred champion of 2015, and finalist in Yngwie Malmsteen's Guitar Gods competition. Yngwie said (to Elmo): You're VERY good. So do check out the album.

Here's what some others are saying:

"[O]ne of the finest guitarists and instrumental albums I’ve heard in twenty years. Absolutely mind-blowing"

"[Age of Heroes is] probaly one of the best guitar orientated, blues infused, soul searching pieces of instrumental beauty in the past 10 years" - We Rock Webzine

"[Age of Heroes] is probably the best shred album since Joe Satrianis Surfin’ With The Alien that will make you want to burn your own guitar & break your fingers so you could never play again. It really is that good." -

“From start to finish…this is one jaw-dropper of an album and full of astounding highlight moments in musicianship. If you like to hear real skill and the perfect love of the musical craft on full display…and you dig on instrumental-rock…do yourself a huge favour and go pick up The Free Guitar Album – you need this one.” – Jer @ SleepingBagStudios

“I’ve heard a lot of records, and have reviewed over 300 of them on the site so far, but nothing has been as poetic in song structure as this one. […] The best songwriters can create a visual with their lyrics, no doubt. But it takes a special kind of writer to create stories without uttering a word, and on Elmo Karjalainen’s “Where We Belong”, you get just that.” – Sell Out Records

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