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Hi all!

It's been a bit quiet on this front recently, but that is about to change.

To begin that change, there are now two new videos up on YouTube featuring yours truly on guitar.

One is an Acoustic Improvisation, and the other one is "Sanna", off of "Unintelligent Designs".

In other news, the new record is now mixed. Next up is mastering. The title for it is "The Free Guitar Album", and I will be posting something about the album soonish. No release schedule has been set as yet.  Stay tuned for info on that. Or if you want to be sure to receive info on it, then sign up for the newsletter on the right hand side. There's two free songs in it for you.

Also, the Seagrave record is mixed, and also waiting for mastering. No release schedule has been set for that either, and the plan is to shop around for a record company or some such thing to release it, although there is the very real possibility that we will just release it ourselves. If you're signed up for the newsletter you'll receive updates on that as well (but no spam!).

Hope to see you soon!



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