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The new album by Elmo is now out.

This one is a bit of a departure as it's a completely acoustic album.

Here's what Elmo has to say about it:

"This record was written to escape a somewhat stressful reality. It contains long notes and lots of echo. For me it was music to get lost in. So if you’re a fan of my shred guitar playing, this might not be for you. However, if you like contemplative and relaxing acoustic guitar music with nice melodies, then this might just be something you’ll like. I certainly hope you do. I know I really enjoyed making it.

In keeping with the whole relaxing, and for me therapeutic, aspect of this record, I decided to keep all manner of polishing and production to a minimum. I wanted to keep it fresh. That means that there is a lot of improvising on the record, and that there could be a few mistakes here and there. A couple of the songs on the album are actually the original demo versions. I hope it also means that it’s fresh and full of emotion, and that the emotion comes across to you. "

You can get a copy of it here:

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