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Loving the new Free Guitar Album. It's got some nice variation throughout, never repeating or making you feel like you just heard something similar. Not a technical review. Just a feel. Instrumental - harder, pacing track, it's a fun ride to the slamming solo at about the 3min mark, which is a nice finish to this track. Solid. 7/10 Don't Quit Yer Day Job - Instance pace shift. Mellow but you can sense the build up early. Pleasant tonally, clean bends, very much in a Satriani style. I could listen to this all day. 9.5/10 Intercontinental Breakfast - I thought I was listening to Prashant Aswani initially. You have this great melody going and bam, at 1:04, kick it up a notch and take it further. 2:02, up the pace again, harder, faster, but still killing it. 2:50, add some funk, this song is taking me on a ride and I love it. 3:30 back to the rails and finishing STRONG. 9/10. She Sleeps on the Moon - Another that had me saying Prashant Aswani. Pure eargasm though. That tone and mellowness, wow. Feeling, it's oozing all over this track. Easily the most emotional one of the bunch so far. This is just such a great track, what you've done here is just so wonderful, rich and immersive. 10/10 Algorythm - FUN! It's the perfect follow from Moon. Gets you back up and puts that smile on your face. You can't help but feel good listening to this. Clever and a fun ride. Great for doing situps. 9/10 The Gentle Art of Listening - Do what this song asks, just listen. There's a good amount of depth that you should pick up if you really just sit back and take this in. Beautiful composition lends itself to an incredibly enjoyable track.Loved the finish, it was unexpected and I feel that it set up my subsequent listen of the track with a little more understanding of how to approach it. 9.5/10 The Bolero Unravels - This feels like a march to something big, something great. A lot of anticipation in this track as you are taken through it. It feels somewhat unfinished. This is very subjective, but I wanted something bigger at the end. It didn't seem to satisfy the buildup. 7.5/10 Relax - A very relaxing track. A good finish to what is really a phenomenal album. This was FREE and it's incredible. I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys guitar.
Much thanks for the bonus track!!
wow! great music, I'd love to hear you live! Are you coming to Dublin any time soon?
Elmo, your music shows a willingness to explore, to grow, to entertain, and most of all to have fun. Your technique and virtuosity speak for themselves, but I especially like the acoustic album because of its departure from what some folks might expect. You are definitely on my list of favorite musicians.
Hi Elmo Just read your newsletter.have heard your download for the third or fourth time.i like it every time better. Stay as you are. It's fine like this. LG stefan
Wish you would do a concert at the DTE Energy here in Michigan love your music
Enjoyed your album immensely! Ann Jurmain and I are creating an Indie Blogsite, and would be honored if you were to be the first interview! What say you?
Great guitarrist, I really like your sound, thanks for share, and definitely you are on my track list now.
Elmo plays some stunning guitar, thankyou for the free album. Will we see you with a band and touring Elmo?
I have only heard one song and it was where we belong. and I can immediately say it is amazing and I love it and everything. so if you need me I will be listening to more of his work.
Elmo is a very talented guitar player. The song structures were sound and flawless. Very reminiscent of Vai, Satch, and Ygnwie. Being a guitar player myself I enjoy listening to instrumental guitar music in every genre. Elmo has become a new favorite.
I downloaded a copy of the free guitar album on Friday & sorry about taking a few days to get back to you, and just to let you know I Really enjoyed it. And I really look forward to getting more of your music someday soon.
Elmo is a fantastic guitarist and songmaker . He combines he's virtuoso thechnique with a very fine compositional talent . He has some sort of mysticism in his music which I like .
I have to say being a guitarist (was fusion, Satriani and Mores influences) but now trying my hand in bit more jazz fusion world, listening to you almost makes me want to go back to composing the rock fusion I once did, but man how tasteful you are on the guitar, that is just a special gift of intelligent design.
I believe you to be an all-round musician equipped with such skill that can meet all of the nuances of the emotional and technical ends of the musical spectrum! It is people like you, Malmsteen, Vai, Vuorinen, Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Laiho and the likes that make this genre so appealing, releasing, timeless and universal. You are one of the artists of our time that I truly believe in and I thank you for letting me be a part of this journey of yours! Don't ever give up!
I have heard the songs. Very nice and smooth with the guitar!
The album is a great representation of instrumental metal. The album has good song structures, beautiful melodies, and awesome hooks. Go and get this album, you wouldn't regret it.=)
really great guitarist!! surprised for this wonderful man and guitarist
my brother you know what I think of you, few people have the musical domain as your what you have, you you were born with that gift and share it with us, I congratulate you, greetings and good luck my brother, greetings from Mexico
I like your songs. I like the way you play. But...I may be wrong, but how about words? Just some words in your songs. Maybe you already have songs with words and I just haven't heard them. But there are no words in those songs that I have heard. Hey, I'm just an old-fashioned rocker, I may be wrong. Maybe it is fashionable now. But I prefer listen to songs with words. So...whatever it was-good luck :)
A twitter friend turned me on to Elmo's music. Wandering the web looking for new and different, quality music. What a great find!! Love his mastery of his guitar. And never a dull moment with his inventiveness. Definitely a must listen :-)
And ... he is stupidly attentive and clear, brilliant! xoxo
And ... he is stupidly attentive and clear, brilliant! xoxo
It's something new and surprising. I never heard anything like it. I am a Brazilian girl and here the Brazilian musical culture is diverse, but the sound of Elmo is otherworldly. It was an accident that I stumbled in his music and this has made me a damned good! "It Started So Well" makes me work very well all day! :P
Brilliant music...keep rockin us \m/
So there's a few jem sin the world that are still hidden - Elmo is surely one of them. One listen to unintelligent designs and you'll know what im talking bout. The album is nothing short of a masterpiece. It's a perfect blend of skill and emotion. Its like a ballerina dancing gracefully in a bullring. Its like a butcher drooling in a candyshop. Its like a rat riding on the back of a cat. Its the true definition of harmony. The album is exquisitely crafted. Its Wooven out of this magical silk to create a fabric that surpasses the boundaries of time and genre. Highly recommended!
I gett too now Elmo for a couples month ago. Elmo send Me 2 musiclinks. I soo enyoy hes guitar playing. Elmo is wery talent. Many Times ewen Brilliant One hes guitar. He can play al sorts Music. He is wery alround in hes playing. I think hes a Brilliant Guitarplayer. Awesome Musicians. Cheers: Lilian :*
If you like instrumental music, get his Unintelligent designs album. A wide variety of arrangements loaded with tasty guitar work. Don't forget to pick up the Unintelligent Leftovers while you're at it. Most guitarists would aspire to play at the level of Elmos "Left overs" Why are you reading this? BUY IT AND LISTEN!!!!
Came across Elmo the first time on about a year or so ago. I am pretty sure the song was Until We Meet Again off of his Unintelligent Designs album. I was blown away. Controlled mayhem, soaring riffs without a note that wasn't necessary. I was hooked right away and continue to enjoy the cd a lot. I have since been fortunate to have been in contact with Elmo through e-mails, watching his videos as he creates some great music. No ego, no "I'm a rock star" stuff to deal with just a down-to-earth regular guy who can rock a Stratocaster with the best of them. If you were to ask me who I would compare him to I would say no one. Elmo has his own thing going, his own strong voice on the guitar. He would probably say who his influences are as he obviously is a fan of great music, but, his music stands strong on its own two feet and I really like that a lot. Unitelligent Designs has some really great songs, Until We Meet Again, the loneliness of Sanna, and Home which I really like. The speed of Lovely Spam and Jammy Jam, and a little heavy rhythm on The Feigning of Altuism takes it a different direction. Try it, if you like music that closes your eyes and brings you to another spot, this is for you. My son asked me one time while I was listening to the cd why I would listen to an instrumental cd, (he's a bit of a country music fan)and I told him that Elmo's music has lyrics, you just hear them in your heart instead of your head.
Finland has a strong tradition of producing really excellent electrical guitarists. With a focus on progressive instrumental expression, Elmo is no exception. Check out the breadth and depth and beauty of his playing.
I haven't heard loads of your music Elmo as I'm mostly a rock band person myself but what I have heard is absolutely fab, you're a brilliant guitarist, can't fault you at all, flawless x
Love the music. You have a god given talent. Can't wait to hear what else you can bring us.
If you like searing guitar solos and melodic choruses, do your brain a favor and check out Elmo Karjalainen. Your ears will be glad you did!
A work of art.Your technique blended with the soul, and your music springs clearly and harmoniously.I'm waiting for a new videos. Greetings from Italy. Gabriel
Hai. Tune in and listen to the music of Elmo at and request his music. Playing " It Started So Well " today. Greetz, HeadbangersFM.
Ville bara skriva,coolt och mästerligt!
Hi Elmo, the two songs that you sent me, are sensational and the video too, much like your congratulations songs. you and a great guitarist, I'm your fan Brazil, health and success.
Great music Elmo,purchased your album "Unintelligent Designs" love it, my favourite track is "The Promised Land of Roundabouts". Keep up the good work
If you're into good instrumental music with more than a smattering of metal, prog and jazz fusion then you need to have listened to Unintelligent Designs. You'll soon hear the influences; Satriani, Beck, Steve Vai, Hellborg and Eklundh. If that doesn't cover all fusion bases I don't know what does!! Personally I'm waiting patiently for the next album which by all accounts is sure to be a winner and hopefully display Elmo's unique style even more. Lets see some live appearances Elmo, collaborations maybe or guest appearances even!! I'll put in a word with Stevie for you or maybe he'll read my comments and decide he needs a pioneering new guitar sound LOL. Great stuff anyway - keep on plugging - keep it real and keep it loud!!!
I like your video, beautiful, long, bring in a good mood. Thank you for permission to use them before, I wish you success in your professional and private life. Greetings from Polish Barbara.
Elmo Karjalainen is an excellent guitarist that has a great metal pedigree with an ever growing international fanbase.
Elmo is a very talented and skilled guitarist with a great passion of making music. Elmo challenges himself all over again making even better and better instrumental songs and music. It's obvious that he is doing something he really loves and that is something you can hear from his songs.
To be honest, Elmo's style sends me into a trance-like state of being. It's a very nice feeling.
Romantic, determined ...... potentially explosive! I like music of Elmo in its entirety. Listening his music seems almost to travel in space and time. I hope to see him soon live in Italy. Elmo Rocks!!!
I have Listened to your music,I personally think you are an Excellent guitarist and I just love your music what more can I say you are absolutely fantastic I want to here more.
Elmo Karjalainnen is a very talented guitarist who is extremely dedicated and passionate about his music, he's got guitar techniques like Joe Satriani, and a must for intrumental lovers. Looking forward to more his music is Awesome!!!
he's really great...... music from the heart and with passion...
Awesome music.... Like the music from Elmi Karjalainen
I seen so many videos of Elmo's music and it's awesome, he play with a particular way that sounds great, excelent guitarist and composer.
It's wonderful music.
Elmo's music is by far a different genre of music and because of this it's beautiful and aggressive and down to earth. It's awesome
Rarely am I impressed by instrumental musicians of this genre; at least in this day and age. On the two tracks I downloaded Elmo not only displays his extraordinary skill as a guitarist but exhibits a talent for expressing emotions akin to the likes of David Gillmore. His music is well worth checking out.
The music and the songs are awesome and cool I recommend everyone listen and how awesome the songs are and great musician band well have great week and have fun
Elmo is such an amazing, talented and passionate musician. I love chilling to Unintelligent Designs with a glass of wine :-) My fav tracks from the album are Headlight Violence and Until We Meet Again.
Great pieces of music..
Elmo brings a fresh and unique style to the various sub genres of rock he can perform and is a delight to listen to.
Hi I love ❤ your songs I think you have a nice voice and great on guitar.
Elmo is what music enthusiasts call, "Ahead of his time." When time does catch up with his great style of and sense of writing, LOOK OUT!!! Worse than any natural force to be reckoned with. Mick Paul
Hi musician friend, how to descrbie your musical projects ... 3 words, talented, original, musician.
Great stuff that I am hearing from you Elmo. Your writing and playing skills are none more than Amazing.
What's happening Elmo...All is good! Thank you bro for the most recent track.And your most impressive creativity,in excellence,your music!AN EXPERIENCE OF SEASONED MATURITY! Thank you!
Elmo is amazingly talented 10/10 from me
I'm a guitarist enthusiast and always looking for new innovative stuff and Elmo is definitely that. Great stuff if you just want to listen or try to learn. Keep it up, and I'm looking forward to more to come!