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Not everything I do is shred, and I'm not really tied down to any specific genre.

Last year saw the release of my acoustic solo album, called Where We Belong. The album was a way for me to escape a very stressful time, and it really did work for me. As it happens, it seems it has worked for others since. It is a very mellow kind of chill out album, with minimal fast playing on the guitar. Everything on the record aims to take you away from where you are to where you want to be, or where you belong. For me, when I'm stressed, that happens to be a sunset by the ocean. Give the album a try, and if you like it go ahead and buy it. Listen to samples here: Where We Belong.

Or listen to the song "The Princess and Her Tiger" below.


Here's what some critics have said of the album.

"Where We Belong is stunning, it’s a beautiful and warming concept in itself, and the music does not sway away from this. The title track opens the project up with an inherently simple and minimalist style, and it’s just beautiful. Superbly atmospheric; you can press play, set to repeat even, and the whole strain of the day just fades away into oblivion. A wonderful achievement and exactly the kind of thing great music should do. [...] I can’t recommend this album enough, not to be missed – stunningly creative and expressive guitar music." - Stereo Stickman

"I’ve heard a lot of records, and have reviewed over 300 of them on the site so far, but nothing has been as poetic in song structure as this one. [...] The best songwriters can create a visual with their lyrics, no doubt. But it takes a special kind of writer to create stories without uttering a word, and on Elmo Karjalainen’s “Where We Belong”, you get just that. You get a new life, a new visual story with each track. It’s the type of music that calms you down, that helps guide you through rough patches, and assists you when you’re feeling joyous. It’s a friendly sound, a lonely one, and a crowded one all the same. It’s deep, like a classical novel." - Sell Out Records

"What is there not to love about Elmo Karjalainen’s album “Where We Belong”? A master musician pulls up a chair and starts playing his acoustic guitar for you. This is one for a rainy afternoon, the end of the day when you just need to repair, or late at night when everything is quiet and you finally have a chance to relax. Elmo Karjalainen doesn’t play guitar, he deconstructs guitar. I’ve been listening to Elmo and how he makes incredible sounds come out of that instrument. There is something almost supernatural about it, especially because the music doesn’t seem overly complex on the surface." - Rick Jamm (

"The 15 track record is quite the departure from what he is known for.  This album features next to no fast playing and instead lets the beauty of the instrument shine through in an acoustic experience.  As Elmo states “This record was written to escape a somewhat stressful reality. It contains long notes and lots of echo. For me it was music to get lost in”." -