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So what guitar fx do I use? My setup is fairly simple.

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Most of the time it consists of a guitar running through a DOD YJM overdrive pedal running through a Morley Bad Horsie wah into a Marshall MK II 50 watt head. In the studio it runs from there into a Marshall cab with 4 Celestion Greenbacks. This is then miked with an AKG C-414. For different rhythm sounds the head could be something else. During the Unintelligent sessions it was a Marshall JVM 410 head. In the future it will probably be the Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra for rhythms, but still the MK II for leads. In a live setting, I used to run the same Marshall with a Rocktron Intellifex for delay, and to control the volume by turning down the output of the Intellifex. This way I'd get the Marshall working on 11, but reducing the volume without compromising the sound. In the future the live setup will probably be the Axe-FX, due to its versatility.

Guitarwise it all depends on the song. If I'm doing standard tuning, then I'll be using my Fender Yngwie Malmsteen strat, my Rising Horse (by Sale Custom), or my "Elmo special" (again by Sale Custom). The Rising Horse is basically a copy of the Fender, but it has a double mounted floating Wilkinson tremolo and an assortment of mics, including a Seymore Duncan humbucker, single coil (I forget which they are though) and a DiMarzio YJM (b/m/n). I also recently got another guitar from Sale Custom, this time a strat with a mahogany body. It has the Seymour Duncan Yngwie mics on it and a Wilkinson trem. The "Elmo special" is a Jem-type guitar, with scallops. It has a Floyd Rose, a DiMarzio Breed (b), a DiMarzio HS-3 (m) and a Fernandes single coil sustainer. I also have a Ibanez Universe 77GR with drop A tuning for the heavy stuff and a 7 string Schecter tuned G-C-G-C-G-C-E for the really heavy shizzle.

That's what fx my guitar (see what I did there...sorry about that). Lastly, here's a little video featuring some of the things mentioned.